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Falling into Suri Alpaca Farming

Based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, we are a boutique suri alpaca stud, focusing on breeding exceptional quality fawn and brown coloured suri alpaca. We have been in the alpaca business since 2005 and have bred a succession of Champion fawn and brown alpacas using some of the world’s leading suri genetics.

Both of us come from big cities in the UK and back when we fell into alpaca breeding, we had zero experience in farming animals for confirmation and fibre. We took the plunge, bought five beautiful brown suris, named the business after a nightclub we frequented in the UK – as you do - and have honestly never looked back.

We have invested in our own professional development, learnt heaps from other farmers and experts and, as with all new industries, gleaned much by trial and error. There have been 'downs' – three years of waiting for our first female cria or losing a much-loved and admired showstopper. But there have been more ‘ups’: getting our first female cria, travelling outside our comfort zones, taking home trophies and most of all the excitement of watching a cria grow into a high quality coloured suri.


We welcome ‘all-comers’ who wish to learn more about suri alpacas to get in touch. From experienced farmers looking to diversify, people wanting a lifestyle change, to those of you who have always dreamt of owning an alpaca, come and see us. Every year we have suri alpaca available for people wishing to add our genetics to their own herds, start their own breeding programmes or purchase two or three pet alpacas for their own lifestyle block or farm.

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