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Where next for the weaners?

Deep in the New Zealand bush, we follow the lives of twelve alpacas as they undertake their intrepid, often perilous journey through adolescence to adult hood. Who will survive? Who will fall? Who will be crowned king (or at least get a ribbon at a show?) Using previously unseen footage of the intimate lives of alpacas and alpaca breeders we will connect with these curious creatures and their majestic charges. What could lie ahead for these exquisite beasts? For a few there will be trips to the show ring (yes people do show alpacas and yes it is exactly like "Best In Show"). They could come back ribbon-less and be sold as pets and at best have a life of pampering and over feeding or at worst be pretty content lawn mowers. Some will be sold for breeding. For the boys who become stud males this means performing up to four times a day. The best travel from stud to stud like rock stars getting to copulate their way around the world. Some of the girls we will keep as breeding females. They will give birth yearly for the term of their natural lives (with three weeks off between pregnancies for good behaviour).

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