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Guide to Halter Training - Stage 3: The Halter

Big day today. Their first time with a halter on. I use my arms and body to block them up against the wooden fences in the pens, and then hold them there by gently leaning on them, meaning I have two hands free to put the halter on. Princess Jasmine was a bit feisty but all the rest stood still and let me put the halters on. The slowly slowly approach is paying off. I left the halters on for a few hours and then as the weather deteriorated I managed to get busy with something in the house so He had to take them off. I did remind him about our new softly softly approach but I don't think it comes naturally to him :) I am planning on popping the halters on them every day I'm not distracted by Other Things so they'll probably have had them on about five times before I move onto stage 4...

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