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Getting there - pacas and us

Our four alpacas and their convoy made it safely to Christchurch, smooth ferry crossing and all. We on the other hand went through our usual hectic departure preparations. Having spent much of the week dressed as the caped crusader (My Other Life - don't ask...) I maintained my super hero persona driving my batmobile at excessive speeds back to base. I arrived with 30 minutes to grab bags and family and head to the airport.

We landed in Christchurch at 11pm to cold and wet. Never like that in the Bay :) I trolleyed grumpy children and himself to hire car, quick wee in the carpark (not me), obligatory exchange of words whilst fitting car seats and we were off.

We reunited with our crew the next morning, us looking tired and overwrought, them appearing as if they had had a nice holiday. Next time I might ship myself down in the alpaca float.

Let the show commence...

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