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Drama Llama (or alpaca...)

Had our first birth needing a vet call out in our ten years of breeding alpacas. We just had a head and no feet and I couldn't find them when I tried so vet duly called. It took the vet about an hour to get the feet out and the head and neck had been out for an hour by then so we weren't too hopeful that he (yes, another he!) would survive. He was actually purple when he finally slithered out with bulging eyes and very floppy but... he is now running around the paddocks with his two mates, only 48 hours later. I had to support his head for about half an hour after he was delivered and give him glucose but that seemed to give him the kick start he needed to suckle and there's been no looking back. Mum looks pretty bruised and is extremely grumpy. I can relate. It was the vet's first experience of an alpaca birth so she was buzzing as much as us. A major adrenalin rush for a Tuesday afternoon... And he is called Frano Selak. (Google it!)

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