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Turned a corner

Finally had a few days feeding out...IN THE SUNSHINE! Spring might be on its way. Famous Last Words. Whatever, the days are getting longer meaning my window for feeding out between school pick up, dinner, homework, bath and bed is getting a bit more realistic.

And we have weaned our first batch of babies so halter training is go and I get to spend time with the babies. Some of them look quite good although sadly this year I think we lost our best two, one to a broken leg and the other to a massive bowel infection.

So we've got:

King Apple - dark brown, massive and out of Gem. He's good but not good enough so he'll be a pet for someone... Frano Selak - the nightmare delivery is all growed up. Very interested in food so will most likely be the easiest to train. Possibly already spoken for so good job

Muffin Jay - opposite of Frano, small shy and retiring. Beats Frano on the cute factor though. Pet.

Featherflew - an alright dark fawn out of Roaring Meg...shame he's a boy. Another pet. Rainbow Dash - a medium fawn girl out of Brinks, and is beautiful. She'll be off to the Waikato Show I think. The rest will be weaned next week...

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