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Sorting fleece...took a while

As mentioned way back in October 2014 sorting the fleece was next on my list of things to do. It didn't happen. Setting up a new business, the start of a two hour a day school run and the new puppy are my excuses. Not bad either as excuses go. So it came down to who could no longer stand the pile of fleeces in the garage and He crumbled first. Plus we got the email saying fleece collection day was planned for the end of August. So He spent a few evenings skirting fleece whilst watching TV and drinking beer. I'm not sure that is recommended rouser practice but Thistledown and Surico who organise the collection days were quite complementary. And best of all, it is no longer in the garage and will hopefully head off to make some beautiful fabric.

We really do need to start sorting at shearing. This year...

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