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Dog attack

So the plan was a relaxing Christmas at home but unfortunately we have had a dog attack on one of our 2014 cria, Tiana, now aged about nine months. We had been out to the beach and found her when we got back. She was cushed but obviously in shock. There were quite a few puncture wounds to her front legs and abdomen and one in her neck. The one leg was pretty mangled. We called the vet and between us manged to hold her up. There was no break just muscle and nerve damage so she's had antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory shot and he prescribed intensive physio! So we have to get her up and move the leg six times a day. The wounds to her abdomen didn't puncture a lung or anything so over all she was pretty lucky. We could see the hole in the fence where the dog had come through. We back onto bush so with it being the holidays wondered if it might be a pig dog. Whatever it was called off pretty quick. We will re-organise the paddocks so that the boys are in with the bigger males and the girls in with the bigger pregnant females, and keep a watch out...

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