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Latest on the dog attack

Up at 5.30 am to check on the patient and she was looking much better. She ate, drank and managed to stand up and straighten the bad leg which is really positive as we were worried about nerve damage. Later (second lot of physio, four more to go...) she tried to put some weight on it but stumbled. All the wounds are drying up and looking good. A huge relief. I think the problem wounds will be the ones on the back of her leg as they are still damp from her cushing. Whatever I can't believe after last night that she is standing at all. They are tough these alpacas... The dog owner also came round this morning very upset. The dog had been destroyed. It leapt off a vehicle and went under the fence. The whole thing is just sad, for the alpaca and the dog and the dog's owner. Just hoping she keeps up the good recovery.

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