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Birthing season starts where we left off...

Last year we had our first ever complications during birthing season - and it came in threes: a vet out to help with unpacking a cria, bottle-feeding and a broken leg. And our first baby of this year managed to get his leg stuck in the fence within a few hours of being born. I guess he stumbled and went through the fence. I found him when I went to check on him before nightfall and managed to prise his leg out. On the positive side he was at such an angle he couldn't struggle so the wound wasn't too bad but it was very swollen. I patched him up best I could for the night and figured I'd get the vet out in the morning. Miraculously when I checked on him in the morning he was trying to stand and with a bit of help he managed to feed. The vet came out and there was nothing broken. All he needed was a course of antibiotics. Here's hoping it isn't going to come in threes this year.

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