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Alpacas head off for some further education...

Had a visit from the Animal Care department of the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. Two of our boys will soon be heading off to help teach their students about camelids. Their students go on to work in a range of environments including animal parks and tourist attractions where you do increasingly see a couple of alpacas. It is fantastic that the interest in alpacas has reached a level that they will now be included as part of a Poly's animal handling courses. They have chosen Sirius Black (pictured). I knew he'd go first this year - our wee baby who damaged his leg soon after being born. He is a real character, he even chases our pup up and down the fence, so I don't think he will worry about a few students giving him the once over. He'll probably enjoy the attention. They are also taking a one year old boy who is pretty bombproof too. But first we get to do a beginner's workshop to 20+ students and two lecturers who are taking their time out on a Saturday afternoon to come all the way up here and learn about how to care for them before they head off to their new home at the Polytechnic's farm. Yet another outlet for alpacas...maybe you should approach your local Poly or Uni too?!

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