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Alpaca Stud Sidelines...AirBnB

Project AirBnB is going brilliantly. We have had at least one set of guests a week since we opened for business in mid-January and we still have queries and bookings coming in. We only charge $70/night which initially made me wonder whether it was going to be worth it...but it all adds up when you get the regular bookings.

Plus there have been other benefits. The girls love it. Yesterday's visitors, two young women from the USA, were apparently their "favourite visitors." Although the same has been said of the Swiss people who left them some chocolate and the "teacher one" from Auckland who played story games with them. The dogs love the attention too. Plus the house stays vaguely respectable (mostly).

It is also very straightforward doing it through AirBnB. You don't have to worry about the money and there are more checks and reviews than you would ever be able to access running an independent bed and breakfast.

The alpacas have definitely been a drawcard for all the people who have stayed, with two parties citing meeting alpacas as the main reason for staying with us. Plus a fellow AirBnB host is buying her own couple of alpacas from us, to hang out around her self-catering cottage and amuse her guests.

So two months in we are all set to continue.

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