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Wonderful WOOFAs

The alpacas have another use! They have attracted help on the farm. I love the alpacas. Two weeks ago we got a phone call from some WOOFAs who wanted to stay on an alpaca farm. With us knowing very little about WOOF'ing, they explained that the deal was that they'd work for 4-6 hours a day in return for food and board. Oddly enough I had had to attend Mass three times in the previous five days due to the girls' school Pentecostal celebrations - was this my reward for being a diligent parent? They moved in two days later and have since transformed our property. They've been doing all the jobs that we never get round too, as well as taking on some of my day to day chores such as checking on the stock and feeding out. One day I was working in my office with the WOOFAs tidying the drive and the cleaners attacking the house. I could get used to this! So for the non-organic among you...WOOFAs do come to non-organic farms, either by making independent arrangements as in our case, or through other websites such as Workaway. Our guys are leaving on Tuesday and are heading down to Wellington via the East Cape and Hawke's Bay, so if any other alpaca breeders want a hand or four, flick me an email and I'll give you their details. They come very highly recommended!

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