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Facial eczema time...

It is that time of year when alpaca breeders need to start to think about preventative measures for countering facial eczema. A dairy farm at the same height as us just up the road got hammered last year and with the el Nino warnings rife we have reviewed what we are going to do this year. We had a bit of a scare last year too and although luckily both cases proved negative, we did decide to be more diligent about ensuring that all our alpacas get their fair share of zinc nuts. Thus this year we'll be putting the meeker alpacas in a separate paddock. We are also going to return to spraying the race and doing spore counts so that we can move our alpacas off paddocks if they get high counts.

Here are some useful links if it is your first Summer with alpacas and you want to know more about dealing with facial eczema:


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