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Alpacas and AirBnB

As our second season of AirBnB comes to a close its probably worth reflecting on what the alpacas add to the experience:

1) Novelty - some of our guests have never seen yet alone been up close to an alpaca

2) Curiosity - some guests have seen them (In South America usually) but never had the opportunity to learn more about them as a stock animal

3) Enjoyment - much laughter is had...often at the alpacas' haircuts

4) Photo opportunity - for some of the younger guests it is definitely all about the selfie

5) Rural NZ - adds to the whole point of difference of our AirBnB being 'rural NZ', not just cows and sheep but something they don't see in their own country

The alpacas quite simply have been the source of our success. Even more so then Himself's charm.

6) Educational -

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