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Guide to Halter Training: Passing Out Parade

Today the team got to walk down the drive and around the house with unplanned hazards at every turn: The Entourage, dogs supposed to be locked inside but released by said Entourage, curious neighbour with Jack Russell (twice - on her way out and back), neighbouring farmer on noisy quad bike and frequent gusts of wind. But no hail. Usually we would have built up to the passing out parade gradually over a few days but due to the inclement weather I have had to throw them in the deep end. The show team have had to leap (some quite literally, yes Princess Jasmine) into life's ultimate test as they are due in Rotorua this afternoon to join the fantastic team Brenor Alpacas who are transporting them to the National Show in Christchurch. Life's ultimate test for an alpaca consists of a 500m walk through large open spaces on spookily strange surfaces such as gravel and paving plus a few circuits of the inside of a shed. Terrifying stuff. Pleased to say that they all completed the task twice over and have received their patches. Off to Rotorua they go and then on the 1000km trip to the South Island. We'll see them again on Friday when we fly in...

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