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Show time

Been a while since I posted - holiday for both the alpacas and us after the show... We had an amazing three days at the National Alpaca Expo 2014. Firstly the halter training paid off and they were largely angelic. Even the MOTH had to admit it.

Secondly staying with friends in Christchurch paid dividends. The last three Expos I have spent the majority of my time feeding my children a constant supply of junk food in an effort to get to watch any of the proceedings or repeating the "look don't touch mantra" as they attacked the trade stands. This time however I did get to spend a couple of hours child-free at the event so I got to listen to the (very informative) judge's feedback. Mucking out the pens without The Entourage was almost like a date for me and the MOTH.

When The Entourage did show up they managed to "over-interact" with one trade stand and get frowned perhaps I need to consider a 6 week pre-show training programme for them too.

As far as the alpacas were concerned there was some fantastic competition among the coloured suris (our thing) and all of our four got ribbons so we were pleased. Two got first in their class which was the feedback we wanted! Romeo got first in med/dark fawn junior male, Bella got the equivalent female, Jasmine got 2nd in medium brown junior female, which was a very competitive class. Naveen got 3rd...his colour isn't consistent enough. Eldest daughter has however fell in love with him so his future is safe until she discovers boys.

Our firsts went through to the colour championships but weren't to get broad ribbons (champion or reserve champion). Hopefully our Romeo will grow out to be as beautiful as this years' older winners. We will see at the Champs next year...This year's results are here.

All up an invaluable experience - showing is a great way to get some idea of how your breeding programme is progressing. Next up...shearing...

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