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Tauranga A&P Show - lots of happy children...

Princess Jasmine, Prince Naveen, Bella and Romeo all got a day out at the Tauranga A& P Show 2015. The New Zealand Alpaca Association sponsored a stand and four local breeders provided alpacas for children (and a few adults!) to lead around. Prince Naveen was a legend and happily went around in circles for the whole day. The others were rotated to give them a break. Princess Jasmine turned her nose up at the whole affair but at least provided something beautiful to look at! It is a fantastic way of promoting the alpaca industry as a whole. With well chosen halter-friendly alpacas it creates both a story and a photo opportunity that you know will be talked about, Facebooked and Tweeted! And I think Prince Naveen will make somebody a wonderful pet. He is now officially bomb proof!

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