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Alpacas and Politics

Bit of a media storm in a tea cup about the Health & Safety Bill which has classified "Other Farming" as high risk meaning you need a person responsible for Health & Safety etc. Of course Other Farming includes alpaca farming. The Bill is still being discussed and I am sure they'll sort it out but in the process, the media got all hot under the collar and one of the politicians who was put on the spot claimed that alpacas bite people and it hurts. Apparently a few of his colleagues had been bitten, no less. Not good for him as he looks like a Muppet.

Also not good for our industry that spends a lot of time and energy marketing itself as an accessible easy-to-manage business to be in.

He has even written an email to our MP, probably reflecting bitterly on the long days he spent last Summer walking children and alpacas around in circles in 30 degree heat at various promotional events. I forgot to mention that I see Todd, our MP, at the school gates quite a bit and could have just had a word. Anyway his secretary called me this morning and he is "on the case." You've got to love these small democracies like New Zealand - they actually work.

Personally I am more preoccupied with spotting the All Blacks who are training at my gym this week.

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